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  • 1. What are the audition criteria?
    MLD Entertainment puts the highest priority on your ability and potential for future development. If you show confidence, you will get good results.
  • 2. Can local and overseas residents apply?
    Yes, both local and overseas residents can apply.
  • 3. Is duplicate application possible?
    Yes, you can apply for vocal, dance, acting, and model fields. However, applying for the section you are most confident in will give you an advantage in audition screening.
  • 4. Is there an age limit?
    There is no age limit.
  • 5. Can I apply as a team?
    Yes, teams of two or more are welcome. However, you must fill out the application form separately.
  • 6. How are results notified?
    Only successful applicants will be contacted individually within 2-3 weeks after the audition screening.
  • 7. Can I re-apply for the audition even if I fail?
    You can apply again.
  • 8. Is it mandatory to attach photos?
    Please note that if you do not submit photos, audio and video files, you will be excluded from the audition screening.
  • 9. If I pass the audition, do I become a trainee right away?
    Only those who passed the audition after monitoring the files sent through online and offline auditions will be contacted individually and then individual auditions will be held at the MLD Entertainment office building. Final successful applicants will be given a chance to train at MLD Entertainment.
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